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Keynote Speakers


Emmanuel Tsesmelis

Emmanuel Tsesmelis is an experimental particle physicist with a career spanning scientific research, academic teaching, science public engagement, international relations and management at CERN and at several universities.

He is a Principal Physicist at CERN and a Visiting Professor in Physics at the University of Oxford. He has been awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Thessaly. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics (FAIP), an Honorary Member of the Hellenic Physical Society and a Supernumerary Member of Jesus College, Oxford. He has also served as member of the National Council for Research and Innovation of Greece.

His scientific research includes the search for the charged Higgs boson at the UA2 experiment at CERN and the study of neutrino properties at CERN’s neutrino facilities. In 1998 he joined the CMS Collaboration at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), one of the two experiments that discovered the Higgs boson in 2012, and for the period 2005-2008 he was Head of the LHC Experimental Areas. He has served over many years on CERN scientific committees and was a member of the CERN Directorate Office during the period 2009-2015. Since 2004 he has been providing strategic advice to CERN Directors-General on international relations and for the period 2013-2015 he was Deputy Head of International Relations. Today, he is Head of Associate Member and Non-member State Relations in CERN’s Directorate for International Relations and leading the group mandated to establish the global collaboration for CERN’s candidate next high-energy collider – the Future Circular Collider (FCC).

He also lectures in physics and contributes to public engagement events in science, technology and innovation, most notably related to CERN’s Non-Member State Summer Student Programme and High School Teacher Programme, as well as to public science events internationally./p>



Bill Cope

Bill Cope is a Professor in the Department of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. His recent research has involved the development and application of AI in education, including generative AI with the support of a number of major grants from the US Department of Education, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation. The result has been the CGScholar multimodal writing and assessment environment. With Mary Kalantzis, he has co-authored or co-edited: New Learning: Elements of a Science of Education, Cambridge University Press, 2008-23 (3 editions); e-Learning Ecologies, Routledge, 2017; and the two volume grammar of multimodal meaning: Making Sense and Adding Sense, Cambridge University Press, 2020.



Vicent Martines

Full Professor and Chair at the University of Alicante [2003-]. Full member of Dept de Filologia Catalana, University of Alicante Director, PhD Programe "Intercultural and Historical Transfers in Medieval Mediterranean Europe": Full Member of the PhD Programe Educational Tecnology for Knowledge:

Board Full Member UNESCO Chair Education, Research and Digital Inclusion (UNESCO/University of Alicante/Seu Universitària de la Nucia):

Director of the High Academic Achievement International Doctoral Groups International Network [HAAIDG-INet] / Red Internacional de Grupos de Alto Rendimiento Académico Internacional de Doctorado [RInt-GARAID] Education ISIC-IVITRA (

Full member of INSTITUT D'ESTUDIS CATALANS (Secció Filològica) Barcelona, a Member of REIAL ACADÈMIA DE BONES LLETRES DE BARCELONA. Director, INSTITUT SUPERIOR D'INVESTIGACIÓ COOPERATIVA "IVITRA" ('Institut Virtual Internacional de Traducció') [Ref. ISIC/2012/022]: Director (Founder) University of Alicante Venue at La Nucia [2001-]:

Director (Founder) University of Alicante Venue at Jijona [2001-2009] Delegat a Alacant de l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans [2019-] Codirector (Cofundador / Cofounder), CENTER FOR CATALAN STUDIES (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA) [2016-]: Codirector (Cofundador / Cofounder), Internationales Institut für Iberische Studien (Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg) [2015-]. Principal Investigator, Projecte PROMETEO/2009/042 & PROMETEOII/2014/018 [Programa Prometeo per a Grups d'Investigació en I+D+i d'Excel·lència, FEDER-UE]:

Editor, Series IVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature, John Benjamins [ISSN 2211-5412] (Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Philadelphia, USA): Editor, eHumanista/IVITRA [ISSN 1540-5877] (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA):

Director, Mirabilia/MedTrans [ISSN 1676-5818] (Institut d'Estudis Medievals, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Universidade Federal Espiritu Santo, Vitória, Brasil): Editor, Studia Iberica et Americana. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies [ISSN 2327-4751] (California State University at Fullerton, USA):

Director, Sección de "Filología Catalana" & Colección "Clásicos Valencianos", Editorial Atenea-Centro de Lingüística Aplicada, Madrid: Directeur, "Textes catalanes modernes", Classiques Garnier (Paris, France) Editeur, "Textes catalans du Moyen Âge" dans la collection des "Textes littéraires du Moyen Âge", Classiques Garnier (Paris, France)




Tzetzis Georgos

Dr. Tzetzis Georgos is a professor and the DEan of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science. He has present more than 170 research publications in scientific journals with emphasis on areas of sports organization, motor learning, physical activity, health, and school physical education. He has written many books or chapters and he is reviewer in many scientific journals. He received 5 honors for academic excellence from scientific organizations and 2 awards from professional organizations.






Dionisios (Denis) Vavougios

Dionisios (Denis) Vavougios is a Professor at the University of Thessaly, Department of Physics with expertise in Theoretical Physics and Science Education. Denis has obtained his Bachelor in Physics and PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Patras, Greece and is specialising on Physics & Science Education (





Nikolaos Digelidis

He has more than 72 publications in peer-reviewed national and international journals. More than 160 publications in proceedings of national and international congresses. For the last ~25 years he has been part of every significant educational reform in his country. He participated in ‘Olympic Education’ (2000-2006) and ‘Promoting social and gender equality’ (2006-2008) nationwide programs, new books on PE (2004-2006), ‘New School’ action (2011-2013), new study program and teacher guidelines for physical education at high school (2014-15), and new curriculum for high school seniors in Greece (2020-21). The organizing center of his research is on learning environments in school settings. Main research interests: improving motivational climate in PE settings, conducting short- or long-term school interventions, teaching styles, and teacher education.





Konstantinos Papadopoulos

Konstantinos Papadopoulos is a Professor in “Education of Individuals with Visual Impairments” at the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia. His PhD thesis concerned the Tactile Cartography and Tactile Maps for individuals with blindness. Dr. Papadopoulos has participated in 24 funded research projects. He was the project coordinator in 10 of them. His research interests focus on a range of vital subjects of education and rehabilitation of individuals with visual impairments, such as adaptive behavior, social inclusion, social support, accessibility, assistive technology, transition assessment and planning, orientation and mobility, spatial skills, tactile pictures and maps, audio-tactile material. Prof. Papadopoulos is the author or the co-author of 66 articles indexed in Scopus. Most articles are published in prestigious international scientific journals.



Gourgoulianis Konstantinos

Professor Gourgoulianis studied Medicine at the University of Athens and completed his studies in 1982. In 1988 he received his PhD from the Medical School of the University of Athens and in 1989 he received his specialty in Pulmonology and Tuberculosis at the Pulmonology Clinic of the University of Athens. In 1993 he was elected Assistant Professor of Physiology at the University of Thessaly and since then he holds management positions in many scientific Councils. In 1998 he was appointed Director of the Pulmonology Clinic of the University of Thessaly and in 1999 he was elected Associate Professor of the same University. In 2002 he was elected Vice-Rector of Economic Planning and Development of the University of Thessaly. In 2003 he was elected full Professor of Pulmonology at the University of Thessaly, and in 2008 he was elected Rector of the University of Thessaly and President of the Hellenic Respiratory Society.

He has remarkable scientific work and is among the important Greeks who hold international recognition and acceptance for their scientific work. He has more than 500 experimental, clinical-laboratory studies and reviews which have been published in international journals and 300 of them in Greek journals. He has supervised more than 50 doctoral dissertations. His associates hold academic positions in Universities in Greece and abroad. He is the author of books and chapters, some of which are used as textbooks in Greek Medical Schools in the courses of Pulmonology and Physiology. Its participation in conferences exceeds 500 papers at international level and at least 600 papers at national level. He has an active participation with more than 500 round tables of Medical and other Scientific Conferences and has been President and Reviewer of papers of international and Panhellenic Medical Conferences.

For his research work, according to the list based on the data of the research database Web of Science, of the recognized organization Thomson Reuters, in the framework of the Clarivate Analytics project, he is among the most recognized researchers based on the references he has in the international bibliography (citations: 14000, h-index: 67).

Since 1998, as Director of the University Pulmonology Clinic, together with his associates, he has organized clinics and workshops. In addition to the outpatient pulmonology clinic, he has developed an asthma clinic, a COPD clinic, an antituberculosis clinic, a smoking cessation clinic, a cystic fibrosis clinic, a sleep breathing disorders clinic, an antituberculosis clinic, an interstitial lung disease clinic and the afternoon clinics. He has also developed a functional breath control laboratory, an endoscopic laboratory, a sleep breathing disorders laboratory, an intensive care unit, a lung oncology clinic.




Filippos Vlachos

Filippos Vlachos is a Professor at the University of Thessaly, Greece, where he has taught and conducted research since 1997 and Director of Educational Neuroscience and Developmental Disorders Laboratory. He has been elected twice as Head of the Department of Special Education, Director of the postgraduate program in Special Education, and had been member of the University of Thessaly Senate for six years. He is the author of the book Handedness: Myths and Reality (in Greek), editor of the book Brain, Learning & Special Education (in Greek) and co-editor in three more scientific editions. He has published more than 160 articles in referred national & international journals, book chapters and congress proceedings, with more than 1300 known citations. His research interests include the investigation of the neural mechanisms of reading, numerical cognition, attention and their attendant difficulties including learning difficulties and other developmental disorders as they relate to education, as well as the relationship between brain laterality and cognitive abilities.



Maria Nikolakaki

Maria Nikolakaki is Professor of Pedagogy at the Department of Social and Educational Policy at the University of Peloponnese. She studied Pedagogy at the Pedagogical Department of Elementary Education of the University of Athens. She completed postgraduate studies at the University of Athens, where she did her doctoral thesis in the field of educational sciences. She then completed two post-doctoral researches, one at UCL and one (with a scholarship from the IKY) at the University of Athens.. She has served as a primary school teacher, has taught at the Teachers' Department of the University of Patras, the Maraslio Didaskalio, the Department of Teaching Technology and Digital Systems at the University of Piraeus and at the University of Thessaly (Pedagogical Department of Special Education).She  was an Honorary Fellow of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA and was a Visiting Professor at Anglia Ruskin, Oxford, and at the Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico. She is a regional editor at Bloomsbury publications. She has written 10 books and many articles in Greek and foreign magazines and conference proceedings.



Tsinakos Avgoustos

Dr Tsinakos Avgoustos is a Professor and Director of Advanced Educational Technologies and Mobile Applications (AETMA) Lab in the Department of Computing Science at International Hellenic University in Greece and Director of the International MSc in Immersive Technologies in Education Training and Game Design.

Part of his activities are shared among the following positions Member of the Institute of Educational Research and Development of the International Hellenic University, Director of Education of the Con-E-Ect Headquarters of UNESCO in Greece, Member of the Executive Committee and Founding Director of the International Association for Blended Learning (IABL) and National Ambassador of SELFIE in GreeceIn addition, Prof Tsinakos has participated in more than 68 world /international/ national conferences as invited speaker/presenter. His publication list includes four books in :English and one in Chinese, four book chapters, more than 100 papers on the topic of e-learning/mobile learning and of Augmented Reality





Charalambos Vrasidas

Dr. Charalambos Vrasidas is founder and Executive Director of CARDET and professor of learning innovations and policy at the University of Nicosia. An innovator, designer, lifelong learner and social entrepreneur, he has designed and implemented digital transformation projects and initiatives in 40+ countries. A big part of his work at CARDET and the University of Nicosia is focused on learning design and the role of technology in transforming how people and organizations learn and thrive. He coordinated 200+ projects in the areas of digital transformation, XR in education, and AI in education and training (e.g. TINKER, Vol3EDU, VR-in-Higher-Ed, GROOVE, Generation AI, Leader AI, and INFINITE). For more information visit 




Panagiotis J. Stamatis

Panagiotis J. Stamatis is Professor of Communication Education in Preschool and Early Primary School Education in the Department of Sciences of Preschool Education and Educational Design, University of the Aegean, Greece. Before his current position he had earned teaching, administrative, and counselling experience while he was employed in Primary School Education for several years. High number of books, articles and research papers are among his domestic and international publications. He has given lectures in many institutions and universities. He is a member of the Greek Pedagogical Association Administrative Council.




Nik Bessis

Professor Nik Bessis received his BA from the T.E.I. of Athens, Greece and his MA and PhD degrees from De Montfort University, UK. He is a full Professor of Computer Science and the founding Head of the Department of Computer Science and of the Engineering Division at Edge Hill University, UK (2015-2021). Currently, he is a Senior Advisor to PVC (Research) advising on International Research Partnerships and on the implementation of the University 2023-27 Research Strategy. He is the founding Director of the interdisciplinary Data Science research centre (2018-). He is a fellow of HEA, BCS and a senior member of IEEE. He has extensive external examiner experience in UK Universities and as a subject/institutional expert in UK (QAA), Greece (HQAA) and Cyprus (CAQAA). In 2022, he was an advisory member for the current QAA subject benchmark statement in computing. His research is on data push, cloud computing, IoT and social graphs for big data analytics. He involved in projects worth over £15m. He has published over 365 works and won 4 best papers awards. His edited book on Big Data and Internet of Things (2014) attracted over 700 citations and 150,000 downloads (top-25 on Amazon at the time). Professor Bessis has assessed over 25 Professorship conferments, examined over 40 PhD theses world-wide and organised over 40 conferences. More at:



Chariton Polatoglou

Dr. Chariton Polatoglou is a former Professor at the Department of Solid-State Physics of the School of Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), a visiting Professor at the Department of Physics of the University of Thessaly and is the head of the EPG (Electronic Properties Group). He was head of the Laboratory of Physics, Teaching and Educational Technology (EDIFET) and the Postgraduate Program Physics, Didactics and Educational Technology. He obtained a BSc in Physics (1977) and an MSc in Physical Electronics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. At the same University he completed his doctoral thesis.

As a post doctor he worked at the Solid-State Research Institute in Stuttgart, the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin, the Physical Chemistry Department in Cambridge and the Department of Materials Science in Oxford. Fields of interest include: Theoretical solid-state physics, ab-initio, semi-empirical and finite element methods for the study of the structural, electronic and optical properties of metal and semiconductor alloys and nanostructures such as quantum wires, quantum dots and surfaces, statistical physics methods for the study of the thermodynamic properties of the above structures. In the field of Didactics: assistive technologies for higher education students with special needs, standardization, quality systems, optimization, physics didactics, educational technology, modeling and simulation with mobile devices, online distance experiments, classroom response systems, distance learning.




Bousdounis Ioannis

He is a teacher in special education, which he knows very well as he has served it for 25 years in various positions (Inclusion class, KDAY-KEDDY-KESY-KEDASY, Principal of a special school for students with mobility disabilities). He is the director of the department of special needs at the Ministry of Education. He holds a master’s degree in “Educational Sciences-Educational Technology” and is a level B’ trainer in the project “Training Teachers in the use and utilization of Information and Communications Technology in the educational teaching process”. He has a rich educational activity in teacher training programs in special education and/or new technologies, having taught in training programs of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Aegean University, the ITYE-Diophantus and the Education Policy Institute.



Odysseas Androutsos

Dr. Odysseas Androutsos is an Associate Professor and Director of the Lab of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at the Department of Nutrition-Dietetics, Univ. of Thessaly. He has >130 publications in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Since 2008 he is actively involved in research projects and has supported international organizations as a Scientific Consultant. He has received national and international awards for his scientific work.





Dimitra V. Katsarou

Dimitra V. Katsarou is an Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychopathology and Language Disorders at the Department of Preschool Education and Educational Design Sciences (TEPAES) of the University of the Aegean. He has research, teaching, administrative and writing work in Greece and abroad. Her research interests focus on intellectual disability, child and adult psychopathology, genetic syndromes, developmental disorders, quality of life, mental health and speech disorders.





Eleni Nikolaou

Eleni Nikolaou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Sciences of Preschool Education and Educational Design of the University of the Aegean. Her research interests focus on school counseling, the development of psychological resilience and well-being within the context of school community, the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental disorders in school context.



Panagiota Dimitropoulou

P. Dimitropoulou is an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Crete. Her research interests focus on psychosocial adjustment and motivation in students with or without learning difficulties and/or psychoemotional problems, on academic emotions that emerge in classroom during educational practice, on the design and implementation of psychoeducational interventions for the promotion of mental health of students with or without difficulties in crises, such as climate change, and on the provision of mental health services using new technologies, such as virtual reality. She is member of scientific associations such as EFPA (Convenor of the Board of Promotion and Prevention from 2019-2022), the American Psychological Association (APA-Div.15 ), the International School Psychology Association (ISPA), the Hellenic Psychological Society, where she served as co-coordinator of the School Psychology Division and Member of the Association of Greek Psychologists (SEPS). She participates as a scientific collaborator representing the University of Crete in European funded projects such as the project "Neo-PRISM-C: NEurodevelopmental Optimal-Predictors, Risk factors, and Intervention from a Systems approach to Maladjustment in Children" H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018 (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions-Innovative Training Networks (ITN), in Erasmus+ programmes and in Horizon programmes in collaboration with the National Centre For Scientific Research "Demokritos". She has published research papers in Greek and international journals and edited volumes, and she systematically participates in international and Greek conferences with various scientific presentations.




Maria Kladaki

Maria Kladaki is an Assistant Professor in Theatre Studies in the Department of Primary Education, University of the Aegean (Rhodes- Greece). She has a post graduate degree M.A. in Education specializing in Theatre and Dramatic Play from the Hellenic Open University and a Ph.D in Theatre Studies (Panteion University of Athens, Greece). She teaches Drama in Education and theatre history. Her field of research includes drama in education, theatre for young audiences and gender issues in theatrical works for children. She has participated in various Greek and international conferences and has published essays in Greek and international scientific journals and book chapters.




Lila Kossyvaki

Dr Lila Kossyvaki is an Assistant Professor at the International Hellenic University (based in Thessaloniki) and an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Birmingham, UK, where she taught as a tenured faculty member from 2015 to 2023. Lila has published academic articles in international journals and presented her work at conferences in Europe, Asia, North and South America. She has also published a research monograph, co-edited a book and co-authored 3 chapters in edited books. For more information on her work, visit:






Sidiropoulos Pantelis

Dr. Pantelis Sidiropoulos is an Assistant Professor of Simulation and Management of Groundwater Resources at the Department of Transportation and Hydraulic Engineering, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki of Greece. His research interests include: a) deterministic and stochastic analysis, modelling, management and forecasting of groundwater resources, b) spatiotemporal analysis of groundwater quantity and quality variables, c) water resources management, d) applications of GIS, e) analysis, modelling, and forecasting of floods, f) hydraulic simulation of Water Distribution Systems (DIS), and f) design and supervision of hydrotechnical projects.







Lampros Vasiliades

Dr. Lampros Vasiliades is an Assistant Professor in Engineering Hydrology at the Hydraulics & Environmental Engineering Sector, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece. He was awarded a B.Sc. in Environmental Science from the University of the Aegean, Greece, a M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK and a PhD (2010) in Hydrology and Hydroinformatics from the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece. Mr. Vasiliades is a registered professional environmental scientist in Greece and member of the Greek Committee for Water Resources Management, the Hellenic Meteorological Society, the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), the European Geosciences Union (EGU), the European Water Resources Association (EWRA), the Global Network for Environmental Sciences and Technology (Global Nest), the International Environmental Modelling & Software Society (iEMSs) and other professional and scientific organizations. He is Editor in Journals Water, Earth and Frontiers in Environmental Science and a regular reviewer in several international scientific journals. His research interests include: a) analysis, modelling, and forecasting of extreme hydrological events (floods and droughts), b) spatiotemporal analysis, estimation, and modelling of hydrometeorological and water quality data, c) deterministic and stochastic hydrological modelling, d) climate change impacts on the hydrological processes and water resources, e) water resources management, f) applications of geoinformatics on hydrology, water resources and hydrosystems and g) design and environmental impact assessment studies of hydrotechnical projects. Mr. Vasiliades is the author and co-author of more than 100 publications in refereed journals, international conference proceedings and technical reports. His published work has received over 1450 citations, as indicated in Scopus database search with h-index=20 and over 2700 citations, as indicated in Google Scholar database search (h-index=24, i-10-index=30). He has participated in several national and European research projects on hydrology, water resources management and the use of remote sensing and GIS in hydrology and water resources and he is National Representative and/or Substitute Member of Greece in COST Actions (i.e. COST ES1404, COST ES0901, CA15206).






Eugenia Gortsila

Eugenia Gortsila is a Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (DPESS) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She had worked for almost 25 years as a Physical Education teacher in Secondary Education and also she was a Physical Education Consultant in the Institute of Educational Policy. Her scientific interests are mainly focused on subjects related to Physical Education and Sports teaching. She is the author of publications in scientific conferences and magazines, both in Greece and abroad, and she has been a member of Organizational and Scientific Conference Committees. She is also an arbiter for scientific magazines. She participated in writing groups for the development of support material on the subject of Physical Education. She is President of Educational Organization HORIZONTES




Maria Nikopoulou

Dr Maria Nikopoulou is a Laboratory and Teaching Staff at the Department of Science, Physical Education and Sports of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 2018. Her main specialization is on Pedagogy courses and especially on teaching issues as Social inclusion through physical education and sports, Promotion of health and wellbeing in social disadvantage groups through physical exercise, and Teaching social skills through physical education and sports in a postgraduate and an undergraduate level. From 1999 till 2017 she used to be a Physical Education Teacher (PET) in both primary and secondary education. Especially for twelve years (from 2000 till 2012) she was a PET in the Intercultural Highschool of Evosmos in Thessaloniki.




Moutavelis Andrianos

I am a Special Education Teacher. I have served in general schools and in Integration Classes and Special Schools. Since 2007 I serve as a School Counselor and Coordinator in Special Education successively in Piraeus and N. Smyrni Attika. At the same time, I supported as a School Counselor Crete, Eastern Attica and the Dodecanese. At the present time, I am serving as a Counsellor of Special & Inclusive Education in the southern suburbs of Attika. I participated for years as a representative of Special Education in the National Council of Education, as well as in the work of the National Dialogue on Education. My postgraduate studies are related to Special Pedagogy, starting from the Maraslio Didaskalio and continuing with Med in Special Education, MSc in School Psychology, PhD in Special Pedagogy & Psychology at the Pedagogical Department of the University of Athens and Postdoc at the Pedagogical Department of Special Education of the University of Thessaly. I have participated in programs of the Pedagogical Institute, the Institute of Educational Policy and I teach systematically at the Universities of Patras, Thessaly and Athens. My scientific interests focus on research issues in child and adolescent pedagogy and psychology.





Vassilios Kotoulas

Dr. Vassilios Kotoulas is a Teacher with Postgraduate Education in Special Education and holds a PhD in Human Sciences from the Department of Special Education of the University of Thessaly with a special interest in Learning Disabilities in written speech. He serves as Educational Counselor at the Primary Educational Directorate of Trikala while he served as Organizational Coordinator of the Regional Center for Educational Planning of the Regional Directorate of Education of Thessaly. His research interests focus on the cognitive components of reading and writing and on theoretical and practical approaches to inclusive education. He has taught in Higher Education at undergraduate and postgraduate level. In recent years he has been teaching at the Hellenic Open University as a Collaborating Teaching Staff in the Course "Problems of Oral and Written Speech: Theoretical Approaches" of the Interuniversity (in collaboration with the SED of the University of Thessaly) Postgraduate Program Special Education and Training of People with Problems of Oral and Written Speech". His works have been presented in conferences, scientific journals and books. He has taught in - and organized - a large number of seminars for teachers of all levels, topics related to teaching practice, special education, the use of computers and communication and cooperation with parents, the transition from level to level and related by organizing the operation of the school unit.




Theocharis Tsampouras

Theocharis Tsampouras studied Archaeology and Art History (2002) and History (2004) at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and holds an M.A. (2005) and a PhD (2013) in Byzantine Art and Archaeology from the same university. He was appointed as a Mary Seeger O’Boyle Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Princeton University for the academic year 2014-2015, where he carried out research on the travelling painters of the Balkans, a project he is now turning into a monograph. He has taught Art History and Art in Education as an adjunct lecturer at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of Western Macedonia. From 2020 he is employed as an archaeologist for the Greek Ministry of culture in the Ephorate of Antiquities of Kozani, Northern Greece.





Irini K. Zerva

Ph.D. in Special Education and Psychology on the subject of "Metallinguistic Skills" at N.K.U.A. (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), M.Sc.1 Special Education, Speech Therapy- Counseling at N.K.U.A. M.Sc.2 (scholarship) in Educational Policy and Administration at the University of Peloponnese. Degree in Linguistics at the Philosophical School of N.K.U.A. and Degree in Pedagogy at N.K.U.A. Collaborating Academic Staff at Neapolis University, Hellenic Open University and UNIC. Educator and scientific associate of the Institute of Educational Policy.






Afrodite Ntouka

Dr. Afrodite Ntouka is a postdoctoral candidate of the Department of Preschool Education and Educational Design of the University of the Aegean. She got a first from TEPAES of the University of the Aegean and received her master’s Diploma in "Master of Arts" from TEPAES of the University of the Aegean. She works as a permanent kindergarten teacher and, at the same time, she works as an academic associate of the Metropolitan College based in Rhodes. Her research work has been published in scientific journals and collective volumes. She has also presented her research work at international and Greek academic conferences.





Xristina Klimedioti

Xristina Klimedioti is a primary teacher and has been working in public and privateΚ12 education since 2006.The philosophy that guides her teaching is centered on Pedagogical Communication in the classroom and the use of New Technologies (ICT) in Primary education. She conducts research related to general education and counseling.She holds a PhD in the field of Mathematics and Pedagogical Communication and Interaction focused on Primary Education. Also, she holds a MSc in Humanities with a specialization in Literature. Both degrees were obtained from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Finally, she holds a Certificate in Counseling and Orientation from School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE).Her academic interests include the field of Achievement emotions in Mathematics and assessment of students’ emotional experiences during Mathematics in Primary Education.Since 2021, she has been a Postdoctoral researcher and she has focused on New Technologies and Educational Robotics.



Eleni Tsipa

Eleni Tsipa is the Oracle Academy programme manager for the cluster of countries that includes Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Albania, North Macedonia & Kosovo. She joined Oracle Hellas in 2004 as PR Specialist and, in 2006, her role expanded to include responsibility for the Corporate Citizenship activities. Since 2019, she is exclusively responsible for Oracle Academy and CC. Her working experience includes marketing and communications positions in companies like Intel, IKON Porter Novelli, Bull, Intersys and Compupress. She holds a BSc in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing, from the Athens University of Economics and Business. She is an active volunteer of non profit organizations initiatives focusing on the environment, children and women. She is married and has one daughter.




Angelos Kostaras

Angelos Kostaras is a graduate of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University, of the MSc "Historical Research, Didactics and New Technology" of the Ionian University, the Special Program for the Certification of Pedagogical and Teaching Competence. He is a PhD candidate in Modern History at the Department of History of the Ionian University. He is Learning & Development Executive of SiLICON Urban Ecosystem. He has served as a certified adult educator in D.I.E.K., public and private K.D.V.M. – K.E.K. is scientific collaborator of the MSc "Historical Research, Didactics and New Technology" with teaching work in "Technical Support and Editing Laboratory" and university scholar of the Department History of I.P. with teaching work in the scientific field "Utilization of technological tools in the teaching of History". He is a documentary filmmaker as part of academic research and has participated in conferences and juries. At the same time it keeps creative collaboration with Theodoros Papagiannis, Professor Emeritus of ASFA - sculptor and the homonymous Museum of Contemporary Art.



Magkou Natasa

Magkou Natasa graduated in 1987 from the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He holds a Master's degree and is a PhD candidate in the Department of Physical Education & Sports Science of the Democritus University of Thrace. He collaborated with the Ptolemaida Traffic Police, where he implemented the experiential actions for the Program: for the Program: "I get an education I change my mentality".

She was awarded by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions (Ministry of Education) for the Digital Teaching Scenario entitled: “dancing for our expatriate sister (Stolen Caryatid).

She was awarded 5th place in the Education Leaders Awards 2022 in the "Educator of the Year 2022" category.

She is a member of the writing team for the development of an educational manual entitled "Promoting Road Safety for Children and Adolescents" coordinated by the Laboratory for the Study of Health and Road Safety of the Department of Social Work of the University of Crete.

She is a member of the Oblomov Project team of the European Erasmus program, which was designed and led by the partner "Piccolo Teatro" of Milan, coordinated by the University of Milan.

She participates in the Jury Committee of the Panhellenic Conferences of Ε.Ε.Π.Ε.Κ (Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation) and ΕΕΛΛΑΚ (Organization of Open Technologies and Innovation).

She participates in the Committee of Critics of the Panhellenic Conferences of Ε.Ε.Π.Ε.Κ (Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation) and ΕΕΛΛΑΚ (Organization of Open Technologies and Innovation).

She is the author of The Wolf at School? He's broken, too. ”He keeps the following Blogs: Safety at sea and pool Project themes for Α΄Β΄Γ΄Δ΄ Ε΄ΣΤ΄ classes Volleyball Basketball Traditional dances posts on the blog of Pyrgon Primary Scho



Spanaki Athena

She studied History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Athens and obtained an MSc in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester, UK. Since 2006, she collaborates with the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and since 2013 she works as a director of guided tours at the Neraida Floating Museum. She also works as a translator and a proofreader for various cultural organizations.






Zacharopoulou Ioanna

She studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens and continued with a master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Museology at the University of Barcelona. Since 2010, she collaborates with well-established art institutions and cultural foundations in order to plan and present educational activities and tours: John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation – Neraida Floating Museum (designing and presenting the educational programme “A Game on Board”, as well as the Educational Portfolios for primary school groups), Nicholas & Dolly Goulandris Foundation – Museum of Cycladic Art, Save a Greek Stray, A promise to Animals, DOMa Kids etc. She works as a tourist guide in museums and monuments all over Greece since 2014.





Irini Alopoudi

Irini Alopoudi was born in Vasilika, Thessaloniki. She studied Philology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, taught in secondary schools in the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Karditsa, Florina and Kozani and today lives with her family in Ptolemaida, where she works as a permanent philologist at the 1st Ptolemaida Gymnasium "Ion Dragoumis". She participates as a lecturer in teachers' conferences, deals with the philological editing of publications, was responsible for the publication of a student newspaper and participates in the publication of student magazines. Finally, as its basic position is that the teacher must excite the students, it implements a variety of experiential-cultural activities within the framework of the curriculum.








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